Primary Care

Shutting Down the Assembly Line

Too often today, average, traditional doctor practices are forced to run like assembly lines – squeezing patients into impersonal visits, failing to catch disease early before it becomes a problem, and lacking the ability to support patients in-between office visits, especially in critical areas of health like nutrition, fitness, and well-being.

New developments in the areas of health and wellness programming, growing attention around concepts such as patient-centered medical homes, as well as an unprecedented availability of technology provide the opportunity for a dramatic enhancement of primary care practices.

Most primary care physicians believe that modern medicine should do more than just patch patients up when they get sick. They believe the role of a leading medical practice is to help individuals stay healthy in the first place. Numerous studies have shown that when a leading doctor takes on the role of proactive health “quarterback”, quality goes up and overall costs come down.

We have a health epidemic in this country, and we all know intuitively that there is a better way to provide care and support to patients. The first step in that process is effectively supporting primary care through innovations and best practices that allow doctors to shut down the assembly line and instead practice highly personalized, proactive medicine.


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