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What if Mechanics were Paid like Doctors?

Curious how the challenges faced by Independent Practices and Physicians would look if experienced by another profession? ‘If mechanics were paid like doctors’ follows the path of a hardworking auto mechanic who successfully opened his own garage, only to find himself challenged by burdensome administrative tasks, rising operational costs, and complex hurtles to getting paid … Continue reading

Less than 230 Days until ICD-10 Deadline- are you ready?

There are less than 230 days left until the ICD-10 deadline on October 1st, 2015. Training and preparation for ICD-10 can take six months or more, and The American Medical Association estimates that the cost for a small-to-medium sized practice to implement a new coding system ranges from $56,000 to $800,000, according to a 2014 … Continue reading

Accountable Care Organizations 101

The U.S. is in the midst of the most significant shift in healthcare delivery seen in decades. The driving factors are many, and include: Skyrocketing costs: The U.S. government will spend $1.8 trillion on healthcare over the next decade. Rise of chronic disease: Nearly half of Americans now manage a chronic disease. Increase in demand: Ten thousand baby … Continue reading

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