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Men’s Health Month: Useful Tips for Communication

June is National Men’s Health Month, and this week is National Men’s Health Week. To help providers connect with those patients who tend to be a bit reticent to acknowledge issues when it comes to their health, Privia would like to offer some tips for effective communication while in the exam room. First, we’d like … Continue reading

Why the Doctor-Patient Relationship Is Important and Three Ways to Elevate It

Lauri Rustand, President, Privia Medical Group – Mid-Atlantic Before the advent of hospitals, or even the modern doctor’s office, physicians made house calls. Essentially medicine-practicing entrepreneurs, physicians visited members of their communities in intimate settings. Many formed such close bonds with their patients that they were considered family. In those “good old days,” primary care … Continue reading

Specialists In ACOs

Seems like everywhere you turn in healthcare these days, people are talking about Accountable Care Organizations. The buzz surrounding ACOs continues to grow, as trends in healthcare advance from volume to value. “I’m a specialist – where do I fit in?” ACOs are groups of providers who agree to work together to provide higher quality … Continue reading

Are We There Yet?

Our country is desperately battling obesity, smoking and an alarming rise in chronic illness. And yes, reports suggest it will likely get worse. But there are signs that Americans are ready for change, and that we could be on the verge of a tipping point in our pursuit of healthier lifestyles for all. Continue reading

Delivering Wellness in 30 Minutes or Less?

The average American spends 30 minutes with a doctor each year. That’s hardly enough time to deliver effective wellness and prevention. Physicians who want to thrive in a system that is quickly moving from volume to value must find ways to advance their capabilities in wellness and prevention and proactively support patients between visits. Continue reading

Getting Employees Engaged in Wellness

Investing in wellness is a business necessity for employers, but to fully capitalize on the promise of wellness and prevention, they must find new ways to get individuals engaged. Continue reading

How External Cues Make Us Overeat

Trying to cut calories? It’s easier to change your environment than it is to change your mind. That’s the takeaway from a career of research by Brian Wansink of Cornell University. Continue reading

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