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Prior Authorizations: How to Manage this Hidden Healthcare Cost

Administrative burdens — tasks mandated by commercial and government insurers — overwhelm the healthcare system on a daily basis and are just one aspect of what ails our troubled healthcare system. One such task, experienced by nearly every stakeholder in the delivery of healthcare (including the patient), is managing prior authorization requests required by most … Continue reading

The Opioid Epidemic: How Physicians Can Take Action

“Our nation is in crisis.” This strong statement opens an interim report released last week from the Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. The commission, led by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, was created in March 2017 to work on ways to combat America’s ongoing fight against the opioid epidemic, a top … Continue reading

Embrace the Quadruple Aim, improve the work lives of your providers and staff

As the Chief Medical Officer of Privia, a 1600-provider medical group, I’m always striving to combat burnout by staying abreast of the tools, knowledge, and resources physicians need to help improve efficiency, deliver feedback and reduce administrative burdens. You may have heard of the Triple Aim, a concept developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. … Continue reading

This Is Why You Should Care About the Wealth of Your Patients

According to a 2013 report, male residents of Fairfax County, Virginia have a life expectancy of 82 years. By comparison, male residents of McDowell County, a mere 6 hours away, live an average of just 64 years. Same state; vastly different life expectancies. What accounts for the 18-year discrepancy? Wealth has a lot to do … Continue reading

Why Patients Should be the Center of the Healthcare Universe

My Story Three years ago, I suffered a debilitating core injury while playing hockey. Barely able to walk, I made my way to the local urgent care center for an evaluation. Diagnosed with a severe muscle strain, I was quickly prescribed physical therapy and sent on my way, with orders to follow-up with my PCP … Continue reading

Tips for Scripts: Provider Best Practices for Medication Management

As the Manager of Clinical Pharmacy Services, I promote clinically appropriate, evidence-based therapies for prescribing quality medication use and cost savings to Privia Medical Group Physicians. It’s just one of the many ways that Privia removes burdens from our physicians so they can focus on providing quality care to their patients.   Looking to reduce … Continue reading

Does Your Practice’s Website Need an Upgrade? Top tips for creating a mobile-friendly provider website

Privia Medical Group recently launched our new website,, with a streamlined look and feel to make it easily navigable for our 4 million patients. Patients want convenience and ease of use when they seek to find a doctor, book an appointment, have their questions answered, and manage their care, so Privia’s digital team kept … Continue reading

Men’s Health Month: Useful Tips for Communication

June is National Men’s Health Month, and this week is National Men’s Health Week. To help providers connect with those patients who tend to be a bit reticent to acknowledge issues when it comes to their health, Privia would like to offer some tips for effective communication while in the exam room. First, we’d like … Continue reading

Revenue Cycle Success: A Case Study in Patient Financial Communications Strategy

For the second year in a row, Privia has been named a recipient of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) MAP Award for High Performance in Revenue Cycle. This honor confirms what Privia physicians already knew; that our physician group is extremely innovative and effective in the area of revenue cycle performance. HFMA MAP Award … Continue reading

Diverting High-Cost Frequent Flyers: Population Health Tactics to Manage High Utilizers

Normally, the word “diversion” conjures images of sleep-deprived arrivals at regional airports; an experience to be avoided at all costs. In medicine, however, diversions — from emergency departments, inpatient settings, specialist visits, and urgent care clinics — are to be embraced for their cost-mitigation attributes. A quick Google search returns hundreds of pieces written over … Continue reading

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